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Axel Mundi: Here we are then

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What is this place?

In Merida

Axel started Axel Mundi Music in 2008. Since then almost 30 albums have appeared under the name Axel Mundi, along with several side projects under different band names.

Axel grew up in the 1960s and his own music is inspired by the riffs, hooks, and rhythms of counterculture rock. He also was part of a popular Seattle band during the Grunge days of the 1990s.

His self-described esthetic: the sounds of psychedelic rock revitalized by the experience of years -- using a simple palette of musical tools, with a liberal dose of digital manipulation. It is foreground music, meant to be listened to in a comfy chair when there is time to relax. The motto for all Axel Mundi music: "Play Loud".

His music and books are for sale here. His music is also at CD Baby, Amazon, and most of the download sites. His books can be found at CreateSpace and Amazon.

To read more about Axel, go to: A bit about me.

Please explore the website: Listen to some music, watch some videos, and perhaps buy a CD or book.



Our latest release:


See the Audio samples page to listen to the music. Or, go to the Things to buy page to purchase a CD. This is another example of Axel Mundi Music's new format, the "20-minute album". It is being sold at a special low price.


Axel's book about Diamond Fist Werny:

alien at the door: Diamond Fist Werny

and the Seattle Music Scene in the 1990s


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Buy it on the Things to buy page.

(Check the special bonus offer!)

or at the bookstore.






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